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This Family’s Eco-Friendly Dome Home Is What Sustainable Dreams Are Made of

With each new day, more and more people are waking up and realizing the disastrous impact the human race is having on our planet. And with this new understanding, they’re making changes that reduce their carbon footprint, put nature at the forefront of their decisions, and making sure their impact is as small as possible. For some, these changes are as small as using a reusable bag while grocery shopping. For others, it’s building a home that’s completely sustainable.

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And that’s exactly what one family has done. While they have always been conscious of their footprint, this vegan family has taken their love of the environment one step further by going completely off-the-grid. Their eco-dome is completely sustainable for them, their children, and the planet – and it’s also pretty stunning. In fact, we kinda want to live there ourselves…

Looking for a New Family Home

When nurse Ingrid Marie Hjertefølger and her partner Benjamin were on the hunt for a new home in Norway, they were struggling to find one that suited their needs. They wanted a family home that would fit in with their vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle, but there was just nothing that fit the bill. They only wanted to move from their four-bedroom wooden home for the right property that would allow them to grow their own vegetables and reduce their carbon footprint. But they just couldn’t find one.

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As time wore on, Ingrid and her partner began to wonder whether building their own home from scratch could be an option for them. By doing this, they could bring their requirements to life without having to compromise. They searched for land that could potentially become their new home, and they eventually settled on a plot located on the island of Bodo, in Norway.

Building the House From Scratch

With a plot of land to work with, the couple and their four children could focus on bringing a sustainable home to life – and they wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a burden on the surrounding area. So, they used reclaimed materials to build the main structure of the house – which they made into an igloo shape – with stray, clay, and sand.

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They then paid an external company to build the solar dome for them, which would allow them to collect solar energy and use it to power their home. Alongside this, they made sure to add a water recycling system and space to grow their own produce outside of the house. By doing this, they have become as sustainable as possible, while also lowering their living costs dramatically.

A Stunning Eco-Home for the Whole Family

Today, the dome is a stunning eco-home for the whole family. And while it may not look like your average family home, this dome comes complete with five bedrooms and a huge amount of character that everyday homes just don’t have. There are also two bathrooms, a dining room, an outside deck, and even a garage for them to use for storage.

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As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also located in a prime position. The island paradise can be found where the Northern Lights are often seen, and where many travel to spot them in all of their glory. This means that the family can sit on their deck eating dinner made from their own produce, all while watching the incredible natural light show above them. How amazing is that?