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The Sweetest Day: America’s Unknown Candy-Oriented Holiday

If Valentines Day, Halloween, Mothers Day and Fathers Day were not enough to keep us busy through the year, we also have The Sweetest Day. The USA is all about themes! Even our TV shows have specials for each holiday. You’re not alone if you get excited for the Halloween special on every tv series!

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Apparently, this nation has one forgotten holiday. There are no TV specials or oddly colored Oreos to commemorate it, but it does exist. The Sweetest Day is a holiday that states in the midwest and a part of Northern Florida acknowledge. However, it’s actually a day everyone should celebrate.

Heres How You Celebrate it

If you’re looking for a way to make your October sweeter than it already is, try adding The Sweetest Day to your calendar. It lands on the third Thursday of every month.

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This day is celebrated by giving people sweets like chocolate and candy. The Sweetest Day got its name because of the fact that October is all about candy. Every day of this month is a sweet day, but this day is supposed to be the sweetest day.

How the Sweetest Day Came To Be

The Sweetest day is not affiliated with any religion at all. Some argue that Halloween is a day about being spooky and eating candy but it’s got its religious roots too. The Sweetest Day on the other hand is a day for people of all religions which started from a simple act of kindness…

Years ago, a man named Herbert Birch Kingston decided to make a difference in the world. The man worked in a candy factory and decided to take some of the good stuff with him when he left from work.

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Kingston went to a local orphanage and gave the children heaps of candy. He and all those around him saw just how sweet this random act of kindness was, so they tried to perpetuate it by making that day a holiday.

The Sweetest day might be comparable to Valentine’s Day but its totally not. This holiday is about acknowledging everyone in your life who is important, not just your partner or your close family. You can make it about your best friends, or someone who helped you with a flat tire a few months back.