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The Answer to Social Media Influencer’s Coffee Pic Struggles is Here

After Instagram was introduced, it suddenly became a huge chore to get the perfect picture of things we once didn’t think important. You find yourself taking pictures of your food, the sunset and most importantly, your morning cup of coffee. Because this is such a crucial moment in your life, it just needs to be documented for the world to see.

If you walked into a high-end coffee shop today, it’s likely you’ll catch most of the customers snapping pics of their lattes, and that’s the social media generation summed up in a nutshell for you. Over the years, people have been competing with those Insta-famous bloggers to get the perfect snapshot of their early morning beverage. That’s where New York’s Coffee ‘n Clothes café comes to play.

The Beginning of an Empire

The story of how this business came into being is truly mind-blowing. In 2014, Ryan Glick, an employee at a social media agency, thought he’d try out his camera skills by snapping a picture of his clothes while holding a cup of coffee. He liked the photo so much he started recreating it every week until the #coffeenclothes trend started appearing in most shots.

After receiving widespread support on each of his pictures, a new idea popped into Glick’s head. He was to make his own Instagram account, dedicated to showcasing his latest #coffeenclothes images. Over the years it expanded into a media campaign, and today it’s set to stand as a fully-fledged coffee shop, which we’re all eager to visit once it opens.

The Place for Picture Perfect Moments

Finally! The answer to all your photography demands is here. This coffee shop is not so concerned with the taste of their brews but creating an environment for the perfect snap. All the social media influencers will be flocking in their dozens after hearing the news! They’ve perfected their lighting, backdrop, and even foam art to ensure your coffee post gets as many likes as possible.

If you’re not convinced that this is the place to be just yet, check out the Coffee ‘n Clothes Instagram page. With over 300,000 followers, the account has satisfied all our aesthetic needs. What makes it even more exciting, is the fact that this store has recently teamed up with an organization which combines your favorite designer brands with coffee. Did anyone ask for a Gucci latte?

What’s In Store for the Influencers

In a recent interview, Glick admitted that once the store has fully teamed up with Designer Lattes, customers can expect “content opportunities for a personalized coffee experience.” This is 100% true, how many coffee shops have you been to that serve a New Balance logo on the foam of your café au lait?

What else is there? Any Instagrammable coffee shop in this day and age would have to go beyond just a pretty cup of coffee. Its all about the location. That’s why the best of the best group of interior designers have been hired to create this millennial’s dream. Take a tour of the virtual café on the Coffee ‘n Clothes website to get a real panoramic feel for the place. The bright pink walls and green tables will have you testing out your modeling skills the minute you step foot in this place.

Facing Up to the Competition

It’s a win-win situation for the masterminds at Coffee ‘n Clothes. Not only are they selling their services to all those people doing it for the ‘gram, but the amount of recognition they’re bound to get via social media will just make business continue to grow for them.

Not only this, but the decision to pair up with Designer Lattes means this company can hold events to promote whichever designer brand features on the foam of their cups. The more publicity this coffee company gets, the more well-known it becomes. Soon, the world may be snapping images of their Nike lattes.