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The History of Women Wearing Pants as a Power Symbol

The last few years have been successful in breaking down the barriers between what men and women can do. With feminism on the up, the world is a less prejudicial place to what it was in the mid -twentieth century, regarding a woman’s place in society. How was this acceptance achieved? One of the tactics reducing women’s discrimination came down to a simple wardrobe change.
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Science & Tech

Scientists Successfully Create Flowers That Glow After Unlocking DNA Secrets of Luminous Mushrooms

It may sound like something out of science fiction, but it totally true. After editing the DNA of a bioluminescent mushroom, researchers at Planta managed to transfer the genetic code into a tobacco plant. It's a huge and exciting accomplishment in the world of science, as it opens up possibilities for other glow-in-the-dark living organisms. Plants, flowers, and who knows what else could undergo the process that gives them a "pleasant green aura that emanates from their living energy," the researchers explained. And it's simply magical to behold the results.
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Nutty Israeli Snack May Be Key to Preventing Peanut Allergies

There's something super nutty about the fact that Israeli's have such a low rate of peanut allergies. The country's most culturally fixated snack, Bamba, is a peanut puff. Researchers from the UK did some digging and beleive that Bamba may be the reason for the low percentage of peanut allergies. If so, the future of America might actually have a PB&J sandwich in it after all.
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