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Dog’s Family Build Pile of Snow in Their Yard So She Could Play in It One Last Time

Anyone who has a dog knows just how much they can change your life. The unconditional love you have for your pooch is unmatched, and your world revolves around their happiness and enjoyment of love. Yes, dogs can brighten even the darkest of days – which is why it’s devastating for families to learn that their dog won’t live forever. In many cases, their lives are cut short.

Image: The Dodo

When Maggie the Saint Bernard/Newfoundland mix became ill, her family knew that they would have to make a horrible decision. They didn’t want her to suffer any longer than she already had, so they made the heartbreaking decision to put her down. But before that, they wanted Maggie to enjoy the time she had left. And more than anything, she loved the snow…

Throughout Her Life, Maggie Loved To Explore the Great Outdoors and Absolutely Adored the Snow

Like many Saint Bernard’s and Newfoundland dogs, Maggie loved to be outside. And thankfully, her owners were more than happy to explore the world with her. Elijah Saltzgaber and Marianna Wilson, her parents, would take her on their camping trips, they’d take her paddleboarding, and they’d let her wander around to explore her natural insists. But in most cases, this natural instinct led her towards the cold.

Image: The Dodo

Her dad noted that “When she was a puppy, she preferred to either lay in the bathtub or on the concrete down in the basement. She was always most comfortable in the winter.” And her mom confessed that she was at her happiest when in the snow, stating that “Being this 120-pound dog, she’d flop over onto her back and just slide in the snow. It was just so much fun to see a dog experience so much joy from being in the snow.”

When Maggie Was Diagnosed With Cancer, Her Family Wanted To Let Her Play in Snow One Last Time Before She Was Put Down

Sadly, the 10-year-old snow-loving pooch was diagnosed with cancer in July 2021 – and her family was heartbroken. They could see that the disease was affecting her mood and her health, and she was even running hotter than usual. Elijah and Marianna knew that the right thing to do was to put Maggie down and end her suffering, but before they did that they wanted to let her play in the snow one last time. So, they put a call out to the local community for some snow – but they never expected such an incredible response.

Image: The Dodo

The couple was inundated with people offering up snow from their ice machines and restaurants, but it was through the help of a local ice rink that they got “Maggie’s Snow” delivered to their yard just hours before she was due to be put down. Although Maggie was skeptical of the snow at first, she soon began playing with her ball and snoozing on the snow as content as could be. In fact, her parents could see that she was so comfortable on the snow that they wanted to keep her there while their in-home euthanasia professional got to their house. And at the end, Maggie closed her eyes for the last time doing what she loved best.