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This Family’s Eco-Friendly Dome Home Is What Sustainable Dreams Are Made of

With each new day, more and more people are waking up and realizing the disastrous impact the human race is having on our planet. And with this new understanding, they're making changes that reduce their carbon footprint, put nature at the forefront of their decisions, and making sure their impact is as small as possible. For some, these changes are as small as using a reusable bag for groceries. For others, it's building a home that's completely sustainable. Just like this family.
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Nutty Israeli Snack May Be Key to Preventing Peanut Allergies

There's something super nutty about the fact that Israeli's have such a low rate of peanut allergies. The country's most culturally fixated snack, Bamba, is a peanut puff. Researchers from the UK did some digging and beleive that Bamba may be the reason for the low percentage of peanut allergies. If so, the future of America might actually have a PB&J sandwich in it after all.
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