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She Survived a Battle With Cancer and Now This Woman Will Become the Youngest Person Ever To Go To Space

Sometimes life can deal you with a tough deck of cards. Many people struggle through difficult times, and they often feel as though they'll stay at rock bottom for the rest of their days. However, it's important to remember that happier days are always on the horizon - even if it doesn't seem like it. And for one cancer survivor, happier days will be found outside of our orbit. That's because Hayley Arceneaux will become the youngest person to ever go into space.
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Now That AI Can Recreate the Most Famous Art Masterpieces We Know the Future Is Here

For better or for worse the age of synthetic media is here. We're getting to the point where artificial intelligence can create its own videos, images, and sounds clips. Among the cool projects out there is Timecraft, created by MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Using new machine learning techniques, it can deduce how a painting was made and recreate it in real time, producing a time-lapse video of the masterpiece coming to life.
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Scientists Successfully Create Flowers That Glow After Unlocking DNA Secrets of Luminous Mushrooms

It may sound like something out of science fiction, but it totally true. After editing the DNA of a bioluminescent mushroom, researchers at Planta managed to transfer the genetic code into a tobacco plant. It's a huge and exciting accomplishment in the world of science, as it opens up possibilities for other glow-in-the-dark living organisms. Plants, flowers, and who knows what else could undergo the process that gives them a "pleasant green aura that emanates from their living energy," the researchers explained. And it's simply magical to behold the results.
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