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Fox Network’s Brand New Reality Show, Alter Ego, Uses Motion-Capture To Find the Next Big Superstar

Fox is bringing us the future of entertainment. Alter Ego, which is scheduled to air in September 2021, combines competitive reality television with cutting-edge technology, and we're sure it's going to divide audiences. Contestants will perform for the panel of accomplished singers; Alanis Morissette, Grimes, Nick Lachey, and will.i.am. But we won't see the contestants' faces as they'll have digital avatars take to the stage in their place, hooked up to their movements using motion capture technology.
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Former America’s Next Top Model Judge Nigel Barker Reveals How Tyra Sabotaged the Show

Behind every good reality TV show, there are always secrets that get revealed in due time. Whether if it's fabricating the real story or manipulating the outcome, it's no news that the entertainment business is corrupt within its own operations. Well, the 24 season show of America's Next Top Model is no exception to the rule. And former Judge Nigel Barker is here to spill all the tea on what really went down in those final moments.
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