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An Extraordinary Art Exhibit Found Beneath the Oceans Depths

“The Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” is an incredible, renowned masterpiece and the single most expensive contemporary art show in the world. The underwater treasures are a collection of 189 statues and vessels,  that were excavated from the greatest depths of the Indian Ocean back in 2008.

Image: Vogue

The exhibition’s largest sculpture towers over 60 feet tall, so it’s no surprise that the masterpiece spans over two whole venues and blankets 54,000 feet of gallery space.

The Artist and His Vision

British legend, Damien Hurst, is the featuring artist and proud creator of this glorious marine masterpiece. This was Hurst’s first major show in 13 years. It cost him £50 million and took him and his team10 years to complete. The exhibition ultimately exposes the beauty that results from mother nature’s aquatic touch over time.

Image: Vice Media

These salvaged discoveries are embellished with collections of barnacles, bright colors and whatever else the mysterious ocean added to them. Most art is created by the hands of man, but this art is special in the way that it’s being left alone is what made it so beautiful.

Image: The New York Times

Hurst’s masterpiece is now exquisitely eroded almost beyond recognition by touches of coral, barnacles, and other accretions from the depths of the ocean. The pieces are all are truly one-of-a-kind and unbelievably breath-taking.